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Environmental Responsibilities

At we believe that the achievement of a high standard of environmental awareness is not only essential to assist in sustaining and keeping in balance the environment and environmental resources, but also results in healthier and more acceptable conditions for work and social activity.

Environmental awareness assists in the company's reputation as not only a caring employer but also as a company that is aware of the prospective impact of its activity on the built environment.


Such awareness creates improvements from which the general public and successive generations will benefit. It also enhances our reputation as a company with an environmental conscience and a leader in this field.


In realising its responsibilities in relation to protection of the environment, whilst meeting client requirements, makes the following statement;

  • We are continuously looking for and using products produced here in the UK
  • We update and redesign our packaging to conform to current recycling policies
  • We strive towards a reduction in the use of energy supplies
  • We ensure that waste is segregated and recycled whenever possible
  • We plan to use materials more efficiently and reduce the emissions of waste
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