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Make a Wish

Make-A-Wish is a charity with a single purpose – we grant magical wishes to children and young people aged 3-17 fighting life-threatening illnesses. Since we were launched in 1986 the charity has granted over 6,800 wishes - 2011 is our 25th Anniversary.

Over 20,000 children in the UK are living with a life-threatening illness, a figure validated by research commissioned by Make-A-Wish Foundation® UK. At a human level, we believe few things can be more important, or more deserving, than giving a seriously ill child the chance to have their wish come true, with all the hope, expectation and happiness that brings.

For many families the Make-A-Wish memory can be the last happy memory they have of their child having fun in a magical world, surrounded by family and friends – rather than memories of days and weeks of painful treatments and hospitalisation. The memory of the wish may be of their child laughing and enjoying being a princess or zoo keeper for the day or meeting a favourite celebrity. In years to come, the family can look back and remember that special time.

Make-A-Wish is expert in wish granting; it is all that we do, each and every day. This year alone, 1,200 children will turn to us to have their special wish granted. We want to grant a wish to all of these. At present we are granting around 70 wishes a month and our ambition is to grant 85 wishes every month by the end of 2012. We need to raise at least £5.5 million this year if we are to realise this aim.

"Make-A-Wish is about passion, expertise, trust and fairness.
Our wishes are about magic, hope, smiles and memories."

What is a wish?

A wish is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for a child fighting a life-threatening illness. It’s a positive distraction from ongoing medical treatment and a focus for children living with serious illness whose future may be uncertain. At Make-A-Wish we ask children and young people to choose their favourite wishes; these are the categories our wishes fall into:

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