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At World of Mosaics, we believe that we can talk about our products and services until the end of the world! But what you really want to know is we deliver on our promises? Read the following reviews to see what our customers thought of us. There are also more comments and feedback on our blog.

Sue Williams says

Lovely tile, seen at another store but the price is better on this site. Excellent service thank you

Linda Rice says

I just want to say how wonderful the Worldofmosaics is, the service is very good, the tiles a very good price the site was easy to use and I will use them again.
Linda Rice

Jon Powell says

Excellent Service and product. Thank you

Mrs Becker says

saw this tile in a high street store and fell in love with it but wasn't prepared to pay the price they wanted. Was delighted to find it online for less than half the price of the high street retailer. The tiles arrived within the delivery timescales stated and look fabulous. Would definitely shop here again thank you.

Brigid Hilton says

Wonderful Customer Service. Very rapid standard delivery! Very please with the tiles, but do have one minor gripe; the plain natural stone elements of this mosaic tile are somewhat variable. The sample I requested before ordering did not show this variable nature, and some of the tiles that I received in my order (ordered 16 tiles) have quite a few rather "deformed" natural stone sections in the mosaic, which are not actually 15mmx15mm square at all. I do appreciate that the stone elements are a natural product, but I do feel that the quality control of the manufacturer should have caught these anomalies. That said. I will definitely use World of Mosaics for any future orders as the service and price is second to none!

Sally says

Fantastic. Tiles are beautiful and what a bargain :)

Majid says

Excellent service and price.
Very fast shipping, and the option of just buying individual tiles and not a whole box was very helpful, not everyone needs 80 tiles at a time !

Only concern was having a single shipping option only - overnight courier at almost £18 for a handul of tiles is a bit harsh. I can understand why most people ordering a pallet load of floor tiles would get charged this, but...
I ran short of literally 10 small (10cm square) tiles and had to pay through the nose to have them shipped to finish the job - kind of takes the edge of the lovely experience otherwise.
Instead of a single expensive flat shipping option ONLY, perhaps a cheaper/slower option for small orders like this would help.

Otherwise, the tiles themselves look absolutely great, the website is easy to use and provides great service, I would recommend it to others, just watch the shipping sting !

Mrs Louise SImmonds says

Great website, very easy to use. Mosiacs were delivered on time and they look great and were the cheapest price around.Fantastic overall service

James says

Just to say that the service and delivery was fantastic. We recently ordered 154 sheets of 'Jewel Gomeda' mosaics. These worked out as cheap as anywhere else and were delivdered the next day! The tiles look amazing now they are up and we can't wait to find some tiles for our second bathroom. Thanks a lot, James.

Steve Gibson says

I was very pleased with your company. The price I paid for the glass mosaic tile was less than I could find it for here in the U.S., including the cost of shipping. I saw the tile here (GW-CHAMOSBBC), so I knew what to expect without need for a sample. The web support (Dean) was excellent too. All of my questions about purchasing and shipping to the U.S. were answered clearly and promptly. Two large boxes arrived, each with two smaller boxes of tiles packed in them.

Unfortunately, the box opened and inspected by customs arrived with tile sheets folded back on themselves, not flat as I suspect they were originally packed. Several individual tiles (I counted 6) within several different sheets, arrived either chipped or fractured.

I’ve never worked with glass tiles before, but if I understand correctly, those broken tiles can be cut out and replaced with tiles from another sheet during installation. If that is correct, a little extra work, but no serious harm done. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Thank you for the great service, a fine product and the opportunity to give feedback.

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